Managing portals

What is a portal?

You should see a portal as a single project for your product or service. It can consist of roadmaps, changelogs, voting boards, etc.

To decide if you need one or multiple portals, you should view them from your users' perspective. If a split of data and users is essential, you need to create multiple portals.

Each portal can have unlimited changelogs, roadmaps & feedback / voting boards. You can set them up on a tab within your portal.

How can I create multiple portals?

Each portal has its URL, with its set of users, posts, and other data.
To create new portals/projects, you can sign up for a new portal.
You can use the same email and password because the data is completely separate.
ProductLift will launch an overarching workspace management view of your portals in the future.

How can you manage your portal in ProductLift?

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Last updated: Jun 5, 2022