Setting up your custom domain

You can adjust your ProductLift domain to your own, e.g

To set up the custom domain, we need to arrange the following:

  1. Your (sub)domain needs to point towards your ProductLift portal.
  2. Reach out to us. We need to set up a couple of things on our side.
  3. Finished 😀

See below the detailed steps.

1) Point your domain to your portal

The first step is to create a CNAME record in your DNS to your portal ( This is quite simple when you have access to your domain settings (at your domain provider).

Here are some instructions for setting CNAME records in various popular DNS services:

2) Reach out to us

When 1) is done, please share with us your portal URL ( and your full custom domain ( We will process the change on our side.


Do you support HTTPS/SSL?

We will arrange HTTPS/SSL on our end, via Let's Encrypt.

What happens with the old URL?

The older URL will redirect users to your new custom domain.

Have questions? Contact us anytime.

Last updated: Jul 22, 2022