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ProductLift is a product owner's sparring buddy. It supports you to interact and communicate with your users. Gather ideas, define a roadmap, and show your updates. Let's lift your product!

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Build a product portal to fit your product's needs

Gather your users together in your product portal. Add multiple roadmaps, voting boards, or changelogs. You can define custom statuses, tabs, and sections.

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Understand the best ideas with Prioritization Matrix

Make data-backed decisions that will impact your product positively. With Prioritization Matrix, you know what your users want and can compare that with the effort it takes to build.

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Have focused discussions to deep-dive requirements

Have internal discussions to see how this can be built. Have user discussions to gather and validate requirements.
Inform everyone with updates and new insights.

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Features to love in ProductLift

We're here to help you understand feedback and improve your product in a smart and efficient way.
Internal comments

Drop internal notes for the team. Hidden from customers.

Prioritization chart

Set prioritization criteria per idea and combine this with the number of votes in a graph. This helps you to visually identify quick wins and the best ones.

Vote on behalf

Cast a vote for your customer. Even though they are not yet active on the platform.


References can be used to inform people online. E.g. a specific Tweet of a person addressing the feedback.


Hide ProductLift branding.

Pinned comment

Pin comment to the top of the comment list.


Add an attachment to ideas. These are hidden from your customers, but you can share the URL with them.

Notifications area

Customers have an overview of all notifications inside ProductLift. They can easily see which ones are unread.

No account required

Customers do not need an account before adding their feedback.

Duplicate detection

ProductLift notifies your customers if other ideas seem similar.

Private portals

Only allow registered customers to add and see feedback. Receive accepts for new signups.

Email reports

Get periodic reports about what has happened on your platform (new ideas, comments, signups, etc)

Notify voters

Inform all followers about progress made, or ask them a question. They can also follow updates in the notifications area.

User profiles

Customers have their own profile where they can see which ideas they follow.

Custom domain

Use your own domain for ProductLift.

Lock conversation

Stop comments on an idea.

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